Kerala Doctors “No” to prescribe alcohol

Kerala Doctors said “no” to prescribe alcohol to their patients or alcoholic by keeping aside the Kerala Government’s plan. Kerala’s Government took an incredible step to save inhibits from making suicide – a step ahead Kerala State Government plans to sell the liquor on doctor’s prescription.

In the wake of four-person suicides in Kerala State, that had done for mere alcohol. Kerala State Government came out with an idea to supplying alcohol to the alcoholic on doctor’s prescription, although, the Government’s move is going to the setback as the medical staff and related organization opposed to Kerala State Government move on Liquor, some authorities also stated Kerala Government’s liquor decision is unethical.

In answer to the Government plan on Liquor selling through doctor’s prescription, Kerala Government Medical Officer’s Association said, that liquor is not a medicine to cure patients nor existence get a place in modern science, after all, it’s unethical to prescribe it on doctor’s prescription as a remedy. They also recall the Kerala Government for their Medical Association Chapter, where they’re directed to not prescribe liquor as remedy whether they will get sort-out from the medical- field, and they have to lose their license too.

Why was the Kerala Government spotted for such an unethical plan?

As per official data of Kerala liquor supply department, a huge number of people which are approx. 1.5 million people in Kerala use to visit liquor shops to get their drink, while 1.5 lakh people start their day after consuming alcohol, although, the liquor shoving people are just about 1 lakh.

Since, March 25, the day following the lockdown enacted, liquor sales were stopped in the Kerala State. Liquor is one of the prime revenue sources of Kerala State, it generates nearly INR 2,500 crore every year from the liquor business.

After liquor sales stopped in the state, many cases were found with withdrawal symptoms at hospital casualties. Four persons have chosen to die through the harness of liquor scarcity, stated in deceased reports. Although, liquor selling were stopped in the Kerala due to nationwide lockdown but some case came under flashlight for selling spurious liquor.