Prohibitory Orders Issued in Kerala District, after stage protest by Migrant workers

Kottayam: PK Sudheer Babu, Collector of Kottayam District has issued the prohibitory Orders on Monday, to prevent people from gathering and breaking the Government made 21-day lockdown, for prevention of COVID-19 invasion.

This Prohibitory order issued under section 144 due to the stage protest by Migrant workers on Sunday with people of huge gathering violating the 21-day lockdown announced by Central and State governments. The protest was seen in a village near Changanassery with following more than hundreds of workers against lockdown.

On March 24, 2020 at 8pm, Prime minister Narendra Modi address to the citizen of country through his latest episode of radio broadcast programme “Man Ki Baat” about the Pandemic Novel Covid-19, commended for Nationwide 21-day lockdown. Although, it’s the great decision by Indian government, many migrants and daily wage workers are being afraid of bad incidents and thinking over upcoming tribulations.

Indeed, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1000 cases have been suffering from Coronavirus in India as on today. Although, people are not taking seriously, and they’re hectic and panic about their daily lifelines arrangements, and afraid of the Pandemic COVID-19 attack.

Kottayam District Collector issued prohibitory order under Indian Law Section 144, CrPC. Kottayam District administration authority stated the Prohibitory order has issued to secure people from violating the lock down act and to prevent people from Covid-19.

The issued order also consists of related reports submitted by District Police Chief of Kottayam and Sub-Divisional Magistrate. Those reports say that there was massive public gathering in the district, although, they’ve been told of such announcements and related things are happening, to curb the spread of the Pandemic attack of Novel COVID-19 as per official statements.

On Sunday, while seeking transportation to travel their home back, they crossed up their road and gather in the street of Payoppad Village, near Changanassery.

To maintain the decorum of the State– Kerala Government has deployed Police forces to maintain the harmony, and to eliminate other terrific incidents through these acts.