US Crisis: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway sells off Airline stocks


Berkshire Hathaway has sold $314 million worth shares of Delta Airlines and about 4 percent divested stake in Southwest airline, which was published by US Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Berkshire Hathaway is primarily owned by billionaire investor Warren Buffett. The Berkshire Hathaway has sold 13 million shares of Delta Airlines on 11th and 12th … Read more

Two India’s exist in the country, as per Kapil Sibal’s tweet

Kapil Sibal

On Wednesday, Congress veteran leader and Ex. cabinet minister Kapil Sibal stated a statement, that India became two parts—one is reliving and doing Yoga while others are fighting for their survival. The statement looks like he is digging at the government and explaining the personality exists in the current government. KapilSibal’s statement in the pandemic … Read more

Kerala Doctors “No” to prescribe alcohol


Kerala Doctors said “no” to prescribe alcohol to their patients or alcoholic by keeping aside the Kerala Government’s plan. Kerala’s Government took an incredible step to save inhibits from making suicide – a step ahead Kerala State Government plans to sell the liquor on doctor’s prescription. In the wake of four-person suicides in Kerala State, … Read more

Whatsapp Limiting the Status Videos to 15 Seconds in India


Whatsapp, which is owned by Facebook, has announced that they have reduced the status video time limit from 30 seconds to 15 seconds in India to reduce Strain on internet networks during coronavirus lockdown period.  This action has been taken since WhatsApp is widely be used to share the videos among the millions of Indians … Read more