More than 3000 people had gathered at Nizamuddin markaz, so far 200 has symptoms of COVID-19

Two weeks ago, death incident of 10 people got into a flashlight during a religious event organized by TablighiJamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi. Over 3400 people from 19 states, including 281 foreign nationals mainly from Indonesia, participated in this event organized at the Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat, Delhi.

Amidst the Corona crisis, news from Delhi has suddenly not only frightened a massive part of the country but has also threatened to increase the epidemic further through gathering.

3400 people are from 19 states, including 281 foreign nationals, who participated in this event organized on the Markaz of TablighiJamaat, Nizamuddin, Delhi. 216 persons from Assam, 21 persons were from Andaman, 86 persons from Bihar, 22 persons from Haryana State, 15 persons from Himachal Pradesh, 115 persons from Maharashtra, 55 persons from Hyderabad, 45 persons from Karnataka, 107 people came from Madhya Pradesh, 5 persons from Meghalaya and 15 individuals from the Natural State, Kerala.

Apart from this, 15 persons from Odisha, 46 persons from Jharkhand, 501 persons from Tamil Nadu, 34 persons from Uttarakhand, 9 persons from Punjab, 19 persons from Rajasthan, 156 persons from the biggest, Uttar Pradesh, and 73 individuals from West Bengal. In this group, 281 people from 15 countries including Sri Lanka, Indonesia also came. Out of this, 700 people have been sent to Quarantine and 334 people have been sent to hospitals. Delhi Administration Authority started seeking remaining people and the people in contact with them have started.

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The story of TablighiJamaat located near Nizamuddin, Delhi came under scrutiny when the Chirala’s elderly couple positive news arrived; and news of the death of a Tamil Nadu man living in Delhi came in light. More than1800 individuals joined the TablighiJamat, Nizamuddin, Delhi’s program. 

As per the statement of Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain, 24 people have been confirmed to have corona infection among those involved in organizing Nizamuddin’s Markaz Building, Delhi. The administration became cautious when the Tablighi Jamaat connection of a person who died in Delhi was revealed. By then, news of the death of a person from Corona also came from Srinagar’s reign.