Two India’s exist in the country, as per Kapil Sibal’s tweet

On Wednesday, Congress veteran leader and Ex. cabinet minister Kapil Sibal stated a statement, that India became two parts—one is reliving and doing Yoga while others are fighting for their survival. The statement looks like he is digging at the government and explaining the personality exists in the current government.

KapilSibal’s statement in the pandemic attack looks very awful to Government as Government is trying to make a positive atmosphere in the society with these attempts; although, it’s also becoming a mistake of the Government – that didn’t care about their state immigrants and daily wages workers. Kapil Sibal pointed out the same difficulty and tribulations of Indian citizens in his statement.

Two India’s, one doing Yoga (at their home), watching Ramayana telecast, playing Antakshari, the other (seeking transportation and trying to reach their home) Fighting for the survival without food, without shelter, without support” tweeted, Congress Veteran leader Kapil Sibal.

Editorial teams and press members are endeavoring, and telecasting migrant laborers’ tribulations and hardship on their ways to home. A larger number of poor immigrant daily wages worker have left their work, due to nationwide 21 days lockdown and social distancing era. They’re worrying to get food security and basic commodities of daily living. Many daily wages workers have been coming from long distances to their home for getting shelter security—indeed, which is not an easy task for any immigrant, home away. 

Kapil Sibal’s words refer to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As, Narendra Modi shared his Yoga practice video on his account, and then on Central Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javedkar announcement—to returning of Ramayana Series, and Mahabharat Series, those series were the best growing series of India—and have telecasted before a decade. There is no ending of reference, he also referred, Antakshari, through the news it has been reported too. Our lady Union Minister Smriti Irani was playing “Twitter Antakshari” during the day quarantine — named ‘Janta Curfew’ was initiative to maintain social distancing nationwide for 14 hours.

Congress Veteran Leader Kapil Sibal has 2.3 million Follower on handling twitter, and the post got 1.3k comment, and 1.6k user re-tweet it and have gotten more than 6.2k likes.