South Indian States Lockdown to Focus on Combat the Spread Of Coronavirus

The states of South India have gone into lockdown as a part of the country’s combat against the novel coronavirus as the focus has shifted from preventing the spread of the deadly virus that has brought all the countries to a standstill.

There has been an increase in the surveillance and monitoring in the states, and each state government has asked its citizens to avoid mass gatherings, thus advising them to maintain social distancing, which is a key step to stem the spread of the virus.

States like Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu have announced the shutdown of educational institutes, malls, and other places that draw people in large numbers even as some of them are reporting an increase in the positive cases.

Among the south Indian states, Kerala is the most affected state. The CPI (M) lead state has taken preventive measures to check the spread of the virus, which has also dealt a crucial blow to its tourism-dependent economy.

Also, the positive cases include two foreigners, and the state government has decided to strengthen surveillance by monitoring people who are entering the state.

The state is checking at airports for all the travelers who are traveling from foreign and domestic travelers.

The state government has also released advisories to people not to gather at the place of worship – temples, churches, and mosques, also the government officials are speaking with the religious leaders so that the move is implemented statewide.

Educational Boards – CBSE, state, and ICSE, colleges including professional ones have been shut, and restrictions have imposed on the entry of the visitors to gyms, malls, swimming pools, and other public places. Even the marriage halls have been directed not to rent them to weddings.

The state road transport of Kerala has decided to disinfect all the buses before they start providing the service every day, and the railways are doing a thermal check of trains at various places in the state.

The first death of 76-year-old due to COVID-19 was reported in Karnataka State, which initiated the state lockdown.

The Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa has earmarked Rs. 200 crore to fight the dispersed of coronavirus in the state.