Actor Turned Politician Kamal Hassan penned an open letter To PM Narendra Modi, Criticises Lockdown

The famous South Indian Actor turned politician Mr. Kamal Hassan also the president of the Makkal Needhi Maiam has written a letter to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi accusing him of implementing the ill-planned 21 days nationwide lockdown.

Mr. Kamal Hassan has stated that the common populace cannot be blamed for being ill-prepared for a crisis of this magnitude. Still, the prime minister could and would be blamed for this strict and immediate lockdown, which almost replicated like the demonetization style.

In his letter, he clearly stated that the prime minister ordered an entire nation of 1.4 billion people to lock down within four hours. When the government had four months notice period, and the people were given only a mere four hours. His biggest fear was that the same mistake of demonetization had been repeated, which is of a much bigger scale.

He had also written a letter to the Prime Minister on 23rd March a day before the lockdown, where he had urged the government to take adequate measures so that the vulnerable sections are not impacted by the unprecedented situation the virus has caused.

Mr. Kamal Hassan also stated that the Prime Minister, on the one hand, was asking the privileged class to put a spectacle of lights while, on the other hand, the plight of the poor people was becoming a shameful spectacle. It was also stated that though the people have complied with their PM’s wishes and orders, the compliance should not be confused with subjugation.

He also said that these psychotherapy techniques are being used to address the first world anxiety problem of the haves who do have a balcony to cheer but what would happen to those who don’t yet have a roof on their head.

Further, he also said in his letter that this is the first crisis and epidemic that the top of the society has inflicted on the bottom. He also pointed out that the government’s emphasis was more on securing an already well-built-middle-class fortress.

He also pointed out that the Prime Minister was comfortable in outsourcing the responsible behavior to common people and transparency to the State Government.