Tamilnadu: Coronavirus cases surge to 690, sixty nine new cases Today

With 69 new positive cases, Taminadu Total Coronavirus victims risen to 690 as on Today.

Of these 69, 63 are associated with the Nijamuddin Markaz. And in the Other six cases, three are from same family. Samples taken from 1630 people who attended the Delhi meeting and Coronavirus has confirmed 636 of them and 961 got negative report. The results of remaining 33 are expected later this evening.

Moreover a 64-year-old woman of Chennai has died at the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai. She had diabetes, hypertension.

Officials said, adequate testing kits are available in the state. The sate has 14 thousand testing kits and indent has been placed for more.

Three Day back, Tamilnadu Health Secretary Beela Rajesh has tweeted that 28 days quarantine is required even if a patient is tested negative for coronavirus.

“A negative test does not indicate absence of the virus, it can turn positive anytime hence need for 28 days quarantine,” she tweeted.

She also said a foolproof double incubation period is prescribed as per standard public health guidelines.