Violent Video games Influence Children to play role like Hero in real life with Gun: Shocking Research Finding

The advent of technological development has influenced people from all age groups, but it became panic among parents whose children were too much exposed to mobile phones and other various game applications. Recent studies conducted in the USA reported that children who are too much exposed to violent video games which include conquer and aggression, may have the chance of execute such violent situations in their real lives. A research study Published in the JAMA Network Open Journal stated that, the condition of such addicted kids may become too much vulnerable in the realms of social, family and educational environment.

Researchers warned that the impact of mobile expose in children is a serious concern and the parents should be able to control the children from being mobile addicted. The study conducted in children in the age group between 8-12 years, who have the habit of too much mobile interaction VS children with less or minimal mobile usage.

The study also noticed that children who are regularly watching violence in mobile phone are also expressing violence in real life as the effects of video games they have watched. The study also clearly mentioned that the use of rifles in the video games also influence the real life of students.

When they face a real situation in life with uncontrollable emotions and the availability of weapons like rifle, likely to pull the trigger against the person who provoked him much.

The sad part of the picture is they are often forgetting about the person who is standing against him, whether it is his daddy or mom or siblings or even friend.

Major problems of video game in children are it affects their complete behaviour and shoot up angry so quickly. Another important demerit of mobile addiction in children is they became provoked so easily even for minute things. Gradually, the things became uncontrollable which leads the children always be angry and hatred towards everything and everyone who opposing them. The research conducted in the children who are addicted with various versions of the versions of the game Minecraft.

Over usage of mobile in children is a great challenge for all parents; now the thought is how parents can control children’s mobile addiction. When the child is very young parents do not have the time to spend with them, so they will give them phone with any game application. Before the technological explosion, parents allowed their children to play on the ground and soil. It must come back again, parents have to allow their children to play on the ground. If it happened, it will become a remedy for mobile addiction in children.

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