Energy Drinks Increase Heart Issues: Research Reports

Research conducted by the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that energy drinks are harmful for hear and increased heart issues.

When people gave major priority and concern over money than the health, the money became a no matter and the health became a serious matter. Most commonly people forget the theory of health is wealth and following the idea of wealth is essential than health. But, the astonishing fact is rich people always suffering with various illness and poor people who are starving even without three times a need does not face much health issues. So, it is clear that the illness comes through the food or through what we eat.

An alert to the overtime working group by a research community regarding the excess drinking of sugary items to make awake over night. Regular drinking of coffee, tea or any other sugary item became a habitual procedure by the people across the world without any age group discrimination.

Research on the effects regular sugary drinks conducted by the Journal of the American Heart Association noticed that the side effects of drinking tea, coffee and other sugary items can lead the person to the high risk of heart and can even guide to the death. The studies prove that the list of problems caused by unhealthy life style is increasing day by day.

The magazine conducted a survey in 34 people from all age groups; they conducted the observation in these people after providing some kinds of sugary health drink. The survey results of the issues of consuming sugary drinks make them panic. They recognized the variable heart rates and pressure in many participants and noticed the situation is quite vulnerable.

The study also points out the need of an emergency care caused energy drinks was quite obvious when few finished the drink.  The survey results also show that the side effects of drinking energy drinks during fasting is so crucial and serious.

How an energy drink affects a human heart?

The duration for the heart’s chambers to contract and to restore in the relaxed condition is called as a QT interval. The research data points out that the energy drinks proportionally changes the QTc figures, which is significantly more than the effect of the people who had placebo drink. The elevated QTc will be sustained for a period of minimum four hours, they specially mentioned that it s unclear, which ingredient in the drink accelerates worst condition of the QTc number. The study is also warning against the entire list of drinks and side effects. It indicates that there is no safe energy drink, because each drink contains various complex chemicals that may be used as a coloring substance or as preservatory or for taste. The survey also warned against the issues of addiction of energy drinks, but remember health is wealth, don’t lose health and wealth by drinking such unhealthy drinks.

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