AMD announced to launch new 7nm GPU in 3rd quarter of this year

Microprocessor manufacturer AMD has announced to launch its next generation new 7nm GPU/CPU in the third quarter of this year. The Zen 2 Ryzen 3000s GPU will be the first GPU from AMD in 7nm specification, which provides tremendous compute power to this next generation GPU. AMD is using TSMC’s 7nm process for manufacturing its next generation GPU/GPU which gives them an advantage over Intel.

According to the sources the performance of GPU/CPU developed with AMD’s 7nm processor’s yields 70% more as compared to Intel processors.

Combining a new production process with a high-volume new processor architecture is a bit of a gamble, but it looks like it might be paying off with the upcoming AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs as early yields are looking good. An anonymous source is stating that AMD’s 7nm processor yields are sitting around the 70% mark, and at this stage in production that’s actually a pretty good figure.

Earlier in November 2018, company outlined the details of its upcoming Zen 2 design for manufacturing next generation computing chip. The new technology comes with a number of improvements addressing the weaker areas of computation. For example in the new designed chip the native 256-bit floating points units will be used to AVX2 instructions. The original Zen only had 128-bit units, now the introduction of 256-bit will give superior performance.

The most important thing is the new approach of building the processors and here with the Zen four course modules are used which can handle eight threads.

In the upcoming Zen 2 there will be 7nm chiplets, each containing CPU cores along with the necessary cache, Infinity Fabric links, and a 14nm I/O die. The whole design of the module will also include containing memory controllers, Infinity Fabric connections, and SATA and USB controllers. So, this new design will give superior performance as compared to the previous chip design.

The new 7nm is designed in such a way that it can achieve higher clock speeds while consuming lower power than their 14nm predecessors.

The manufacturing cost 7nm process is also and more advanced then 14nm process. All these will help AMD to provide best GPU and CPU to clients at lower cost. Until now there is no official information about the price for new CPU/GPU.

The Rove processor is much more powerful and it will have upto eight core chiplets. This processor will come with max 64 cores and 128 threads, which really huge processing power.

The parts are already ready for sampling and company will start shipping these computing units in the third quarter of this year.

As AMD’s second-generation EPYC processor, will give edge over other the processor’s manufactured by other companies. With the upcoming Rome processor AMD is expected to get major customer orders.

AMD branded its next generation GPU’s in the brand name Navi, which is much powerful and being on TSMC’s 7nm process.

Earlier AMD announced mainstream 3000-series Ryzen chips, but still there is no information from company about this processor.

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