Google Just Introduced New Auto-Delete Feature to Safeguard Privacy of User Data

Google just introduced auto-delete feature for the user’s location data which is the next step towards safeguarding user privacy. This feature will automatically delete user’s location and activity data.

How many times did it happen that you want Google to forget your preferences and location to deliver fresh search results irrespective of any particular location and previous data? Didn’t it occur to your mind that the apps that are preserving your personal activity and location data are actually forcing you to compromise with your privacy? Don’t you feel threatened at times by the apps that prefer to store your personal user data? Well, while all these apprehensions are common, we were almost defenceless as Google apps never allowed us to delete our location and activity data.

To your surprise, such discomforting apprehensions just came to an end at least with Google apps as the tech giant just introduced a new feature that can automatically delete the location and activity data of the users. While knowing that the apps we use every now and then are using truckloads of our information can be really upsetting, Google came with a solution that can delight the vast majority of users.

For some time, Google is receiving requests from users worldwide about the ease and flexibility of managing their information. While most users are concerned about privacy, there are others who want Google to forget their earlier activities and locations just to deliver fresh search results without being limited to preferences and particular locations. The feature is like to become a popular one for most Google app users around the world.

What Auto-Delete Feature is Capable Of?

As we have already discussed, primarily the feature will allow deleting the activity and location data of the users as and when the users prefer. But, apart from deleting such data as per the user preferences, the feature will also offer auto-deleting if the user turns it on. According to the company announcement on 1st of April 2019, the auto-delete feature will allow them to delete all activity and location data from the app saved within 3 to 18 months.

As per the technology website TechCrunch, this new Google feature will allow deletion of the user data in the Chrome browser, Google Discover feature of the Android operating system and for several other apps. As of now, Google didn’t particularly confirm how far this auto-delete feature will be extended across multiple Google apps. But at least one thing is certain that the feature will be available for all apps that use the Google login.


Finally, Google has its own share of sins concerning the use and misuse of user data and breaching privacy. At the same time, Google remained always committed to making its apps better as far as user-friendliness is concerned. Google as the undisputed leader and innovator in the world of technology has always been way ahead of its competitors in pretty much everything. The latest feature that can safeguard user data and privacy is another feather to the achievements of the company.

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