Yogi government preparing to make Bapu’s Khadi a shield against Corona

Indeed, we can’t forget our Nation Father at any cost; not due to his implementations and directions during the Independence fight, but for all of his relative terms and philosophy. His related things can never fall; although, people can try to not promote. Khadi (Fabric) is one of the finest cloths of India in my view; the best thing about the fabric is Gandhi Ji used to make with his spinning wheel. During nationwide 21 days lockdown UP government took an interesting plan to crave out, Khadi Masks. UP Government has discussed making 66 million three-layer Khadi masks for the 23 crore population of the Uttar Pradesh state. Not only this, during the discussion, it has also been considered to distribute this mask among the poor for free of cost to prevent them from infection of COVID-19, the Novel Pandemic. However, for others, this mask will be made available at cheaper prices from the market masks. As per Yogi’s government plan, the UP government will two masks to all the citizens of the Uttar Pradesh State.

What makes it different from other masks of the market?

The special thing about this mask will be that it can be washed and used again, ie it will be washable. The Uttar Pradesh state government has also discussed whether it will be mandatory to wear it after lockdown or not. According to the proposal so far, even if the lockdown ends as declared till April 14’ 2020, it will still be mandatory for all citizens to wear it under the Epidemic Act. Chief Minister Yogi AdityaNath thinks that no citizen of the state will be allowed to come out without wearing a mask.

What are the means of infection spreading as per World Health Organization?

The WHO has clarified how the coronavirus has spread, that the virus is spread only and only through close physical contact or exposure to droplets (droplets) floating in the air after sneezing or coughing. The only way to avoid this is to put on a mask. The sick persons should also be instructed to apply a mask on their faces. So, that other people do not get sick because of it.