Modi’s ministers caught of falsehood on Ayurveda and Prince Charles

AYUSH is the meaning of Ayurveda originated from the Sanskrit language, also conclude for Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy. India’s Union Minister of State for AYUSH is ShripadNaik. Union Minister ShripadNaik claimed that due to Ayurveda, Britain’s Prince Charles, struggling with COVID-19, and Ayurveda helping him in recovery. His claiming statement was refused a day later. But he was beaten up. 

On Friday, Prince Charles’s spokeswoman rejected ShripadNaik’s claim and told that Prince Charles had only followed medical advice, not Ayurveda.

Prince Charles spokeswoman Ella Lynch dropped an email to ‘The Indian Express’ a prominent newspaper, on Friday in which and statement cleared that ShripadNaik was lying about Prince Charles,

Ella Lynch’s email consists “This information is incorrect. The Prince of Wales received medical advice from the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK. Apart from this, he did nothing.”

So, have a dive into conversation First end, what did ShripadNaik state?

It held on April 2 ‘2020 during Press Conference in Goa, ShripadNaik was detailing information about the government’s steps towards COVID-19 prevention.

The doctor of Ayurveda in Bangalore is Mathai, who runs an Ayurveda resort called Soukya. Dr. Mathai called me and told that the treatment of Coronavirus infection of Prince Charles of Britain has been successful through Ayurveda and Homeopathy. This is just one example of how our hundreds of years old methods are correct and working in recovering the life of humans.

PM Modi talks to Prince Charles

Apart from this, On Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to British Prince Charles. PM expressed satisfaction over Prince’s recent recovery and said that he wished him good health.

British Prince Charles found COVID-19 test positive

British Prince Charles has been tested on March 25’ 2020 and for COVID-19 and found positive. Since then, the 71-year-old heir of the British throne had quarantined himself in his premises.

British Prince Charles COVID-19 was confirmed from the statement issued by Clarence House, the Prince was confirmed to be Corona positive. The British administration has not yet made any official announcement regarding their recovery.