There Is Explanation: The Rest of India Cannot Be Kerala

If you tell the women of Kerala state that their state is a “matriarchal” society, and then the women will just laugh, catching their stomach hearing to such a nonsense notion.

But the other exceptional qualities that are attributed to Kerala state by other Indians are true, mainly the way the state has fought the COVID-19 pandemic showing the outside world the advanced and vast healthcare system for the masses.

So many of the people are asking the question of why the rest of India is not like Kerala, which mind you is not the first time that has been asked.

If the price is good, then Malayalees will work the most menial jobs by thriving out in the capitalistic society outside Kerala. The 10% of the population that lives outside Indian is the reason for 35% of Kerala’s income in the form of remittance. Due to the focus on healthcare and the primary education in Kerala, they could outgun the Bihari’s to exploit capitalism.

Modern India is replicating to be more like Mumbai by raising the congested cities out of the villages, shrinking home, constructing golf-course for a few, and calling it progress. Maybe India should try to be like Kerala instead of Mumbai.

Eugene Koshy, in the 80s who is to train in a modest software company, hit upon an unexceptional marketing idea that transformed the fortunes of his company – he marketed the company with American Flags and hamburgers, debunking the idea that Kerala is a communist society.

The state is an assimilation of many cultures. The state was a capitalistic society even before the name was invented. Christianity and Islam during the mercantile gold age influenced the state’s elite due to which the ownership of the society become confused, which is always a good sign.

The modern Kerala state is confused as a communist state, but in reality, it is a post-capitalist state. A lot of factors have influenced the making of the state; mere policy changes will not transform the rest of India into Kerala.

Idealistic Kerala survives because the outside world is not like Kerala.