How is Sundar Mingling with Others? The elephant & Video Clips of Course

Bangalore: Does Sundar intermingle with others? You don’t expect humans to get out of animal videos demands. But now, they’re doing that. Five years earlier, Sundar, an elephant, had been rescued from Kolhapur. Now, people will want to know whether he mixes with several other cow rhinos. Naturally, zoos were delighted with that kind of reactions from people.

Bengaluru’s Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) or Mysuru Zoo took the lead in making quick videos for creatures, animals, or reptiles located in the zoos. They also posted them on social networks to keep people from the grim 24/7 coronavirus headlines or make sure they are linked to animals. Videos have many eyeballs or recognition to them.

Both of the zoos’ Facebook and twitter handles were bursting with videos. It does seem like a mini, yet nutritious, competitiveness to have a large number for virtual visitors here between 2 zoos. A clip of three rhinos, Virat (9), Bobbli (7), as well as Gowrie(4), shot at the Mysuru Zoo, will have caught person’s social media attention together with their zookeeper.

First, the video begins of Virat being assertive of his females and instead, when they have been isolated, this is seen that somehow the females actively turn Virat away, a strange sight shown to the staff as well as citizens. Responses on that poured in.

 ‘Videos gained popularity during lockdown’

It is impressive with the staff and sees a change to animal behaviour, particularly during the lockdown, as no spectators are present. Zoo executive managers, naturalists, educators, veterinarians and sometimes employees shoot the videos as well.

Vanashri said that the visitors told to videos on safari leopards and other elephants, zebras (particularly now and with two), peacocks as well as Hanuman Langurs. The concept of making the videos would be to educate the public, have an engagement with others. Now, there will also be a questionnaire to keep the kids more engaged.

Zoos only survive if there are tourists; there is nothing occurring there now with a lockdown. The way animals chill and mingle with keepers is a common sight in itself. Usually, during March-May summer vacation months, at least 6 lakh individuals will visit the BBBP zoo and about 11 lakh individuals would visit a Mysuru Zoo.