New Virtual Programs to Be Started By IIIT Hyderabad As Guidance For Startups

The International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad has started the Lockdown Talks and Startup Gyan series apart from conducting virtual classes, so as to guide startups on how to operate market and develop business during the present crisis.

The course was initiated by the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) at IIIT Hyderabad; the lockdown talks were being organized once in two days, which would enable them to focus on the topics that are relevant to the current situation such as raising money, hiring practices, among other. In the Startup Gyan series, a video blog will be uploaded every day.

The Chief Operating Officer of CIE, IIIT Mr. Ramesh Loganathan, issued a statement stating that they have started uploading the video blogs for Startup Gyan Series from Monday. Even the startup founders will be talking in this series where they will share their experience of starting the startup journey and share the status of their startup. They will also discuss specific topics useful for other deep tech startups and for the community in large. The duration of the video will be between fifteen to twenty minutes. He also added that by the end of the series, there would be videos about thirty topics, which will be helpful for the young entrepreneurs who wish to begin their startup.

NanoHealth co-founder Manish Ranjan is the one who delivered the first talk in the Startup Gyan Series on the topic Winning that first Corporate Customer. He also shared his experience where he said the first corporate client comes from a close pool of reference, but to gain their trust, the startup needs to extra steps so that the corporates are encouraged to take steps to support the startup. The first two-three clients are the ones who startups need to reiterate their problem statement through quick identification of needs and build data to back it up for subsequent clients.

The startup to get an opportunity to pitch virtually for seeking fund the university would also start a program known as Unpitch. This program will start on 20th April, and the startup will be able to pitch so that they are able to fulfill one specific need of their firm.