Download SBI Home Loan Interest Certificate Online: Here is the Link

Customers of SBI home loans can get their home loan statement and interest certificate by going to the SBI online portal. You may also get it offline by visiting the SBI branch that is closest to you. A document provided by the bank that contains all the information about your home loan is called a home loan statement, repayment schedule, or amortisation table. Typically, it contains the following information:

  • The sanctioned and disbursed loan amount.
  • Prevailing interest rate, number of paid and unpaid payments in the EMI.

All home loan borrowers are required to submit home loan certificates to avail tax deductions to claim tax benefits on the home loan principal and home loan interest repayment under sections 80C and 24 of the Income-tax Act, 1961, respectively

Each financial year, it’s critical to request a home loan interest certificate from your bank

Your lender will provide you with a statement of your home loan account, which is known as a home loan certificate. It’s a summary of the interest and principal you have paid on your home loan during the current fiscal year.

How to get SBI home loan provisional certificate online

There is no fees you will have to pay to obtain this certificate, whether it is obtained online or in person.

Step 1: Visit SBI website at
Step 2: Login using your net banking credentials
Step 3: Click on ‘e-Services’ tab and click on ‘My certificates’
Step 4: Click on ‘Home loan interest certificate’ or Home loan interest certificate (provisional)
Step 5: Click on the loan on the loan account
Step 5: Print or download your home loan interest certificate

How to get SBI home loan provisional certificate offline

State Bank of India home loan customers can also request for home loan provisional certificate by visiting the branch and submit written application along with required details.

Tax saving

You can save income tax on the home loan principal repayment amount up to Rs 1.5 lakh each year under section 80C of the Income-tax Act, 1961. The tax saving that is offered on home loan interest payment under section 24b. The deduction to claim interest paid is available for up to Rs 2 lakh within the overall limit of Section 24b in a financial year.