COVID-19 Outbreak: Tension in Chirala as a couple tested positive

On Sunday, Prakasam District administration authority intact cluster containment tactics into the Chirala, during these tactics, and tested an elderly couple was caught positive for COVID-19; they had returned from the Nation Capital, where they became a part of a religious congregation.

More than twenty numbers of people also admitted to the Government General Hospital, those twenty people were met with the elderly couple, who took a ride from Delhi to back their home. The Rapid Response Team member, health analysts, and other helping members helped in the screening of each Nawabpeta’s inhibit, the area is the locale of hand-loom town.

Well, the case is not new, according to the reports and health ministry department, the elderly couple was admitted back a week on March 24 to the Government Area Hospital of Chirala, and then later they were shifted to another hospital the GGH – Government General Hospital, they were admitted for curing of the dreaded virus infection.

Travelled with 54 people and moved close with more than 80 persons after returning

Indeed, it’s sad news for their relatives and their friends, whoever met them within the duration of this Pandemic virus invasion. The health Ministry authorities reported, “An elderly couple was contacted more than 80 individuals after their comeback to home from Delhi.” The official reports also stated in some notes, they were home-back on March 17 from Delhi. Except coming from their congregation prayer in Delhi’s Nizamuddin, they also organized a gathering event in Chirala, where many invitees associated in their joyous event. They had also visited a funeral, and then a marriage later.

District Medical Officer K. Padmavati who served for Prakasam District stated, “We are in the process of testing all those persons who have come in contact with the couple and others in the cluster,” while keeping an eagle eye on the execution and intact of cluster containment tactic of health workers and medical staff members.

In the intact of cluster containment, no one is allowed to get out of their homes, each entrance and exit gates were closed off.

Surrounding villages’ villagers have also blocked their roads that lead to the locality through thorny bushes and scarps.

Essential groceries and commodities distribution was also postponed for the Sunday.