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‘The Dakshin’ is an independent news website that provides up to date news in various sections like, world, health, technologies, Science and sports. The site operates from round the clock delivering quality and compelling news for India and global readers. We cover real-time news reporting by covering events, conferences, media events etc. We cover and provide latest in-depth news to our readers.

We are covering and reporting various technical events happening round the clock. Our team is dedicated to report timely and authentic news in various verticals. Our media team are well experience in covering and reporting news events happening around.

‘The Dakshin’ team works in collaborate with the industry experts, researchers, and experienced contributors to produce timely news for our readers.

The genesis of ‘The Dakshin’ lies in the power of digging deep for real facts and reporting complete news to our readers. Our team follows journalistic standards to cover, organise and report the news which gives complete picture to our readers.

‘The Dakshin’ editorial team continuously innovate and reinvent to keep updated with the latest development technologies used in this field.

Our team brings latest updated news, interviews, latest events and other news for our readers in real-time.

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