Telangana: March Electricity Bill based on Last Year March Bill

Telangana state government decision to consider the power consumption of March 2019 while issuing this month’s bill has adversely affected the people who have moved into the rented house a few months back and to those who are currently out of their homes due to lockdown or some other reasons.

Many people have received a bill which is way higher than the minimum amount or the regular bill despite them not staying in the city for a long time. Similarly, the people who have recently moved into the rental apartments are forced to pay the month’s bill based on the energy consumption of previous occupants.

One of the residents of Sainikpuri has stated that the decision of the state with respect to the electricity bill is not fair. His flat has been vacant for the last 45 days, but he has to pay a bill of Rs. 2943.

Another resident asked on twitter that he has received Rs. 1500 bill for this month, even though he has not been staying in Hyderabad for a long time. He has asked for explanation on whether the bill was generated based on the previous year’s March bill.

Many have posted their displeasure due to this state government’s decision on Twitter. Many have also advised that the Telangana should follow the model similar to Andhra Pradesh, which has considered the power consumption of the last month to issue this month’s bill.

One of the residents has questioned on twitter that AP has done a simple thing of making the current bill the same as the last generated bill, but he fails to understand why Telangana is making it troublesome.

The Director of Telangana Southern State Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL) Mr. K. Ramulu (Commercial, DPE, Assessment and Energy Audit) has stated that currently, there is no option, and they can not consider individual cases and change rules. He also added that in the next month’s bill, the amount would be adjusted by taking an average of two months of power consumption.