Telangana Govt provides assurance to Migrant Workers

Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the lockdown till 3rd May, the migrant workers hit the road in large numbers in an attempt to walk back to their hometown in Andhra Pradesh. Some have decided to walk in the foot to their home in Srikakulam, which is 800 km away. It is a tragedy that is slowly unfolding across the country as a large number of migrant laborers are trying to reach their homes.

Between Habsiguda and Uppal, the police have intercepted around a hundred workers, which included men, women, and children. Even tough GHMC officials and police have assured them food and shelter; the workers were in no mood to listen. They needed to go back to their home and asked officials to arrange transportfor them or allow them to walk back home.

Only once Talasani Srinivas Yadav, the honorable animal husbandry minister and B Subhash Reddy MLA of Uppal, reached the area and assured the migrant laborers that the government would take care of their food and shelter, the migrants relented. With the promise that they will be helped till 3rd May, the migrants returned to their rented premises in the city in the vehicles.

Over a hundred migrant laborers, mainly belonging to Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh, attempted to walk back home, was confirmed by Narsimha Reddy ACP of Malkajgiri. The workers were not happy due to the extension of the lockdown as they had already spent the saving in the initial twenty-one days lockdown. As there was no money left with them, they were ready to seek alms on their walk home.

A distance of 7 km in the foot was traveled by the workers who had started from the slums of Marredpally to the Habsiguda. This was not a lonely case as migrant workers came out on the road of Safilguda and other places around the Greater Hyderabad. Their demand was either government should make the necessary travel arrangement or provide them the permission so that they can walk back to their homes. Unrest is brewing among the migrant workers due to the extension of lockdown as per the Gangadhar Joint Commissioner of Labour.

He also said that the required counseling would be provided to the migrants regarding the disadvantages of venturing out during the COVID-19 lockdown.