To meet increased demand of Apple iPhone 11, Apple raises production of iPhone 11 by 10%

Apple instructed their suppliers to increase production of iPhone 11 by over 11% and produce 8 million units. Apple recorded upward trend in the sale of iPhone 11 as compared to the sales of iPhone released last year.  Apple is expecting better demands of iPhone 11 variants in coming days. According to the Nikkei reports; Apple is focusing on the two budget iPhone 11 models, the $699 iPhone 11 and the $999 iPhone 11 Pro models. Production of these two $699 iPhone 11 and the $999 iPhone 11 Pro will be increased to meet high demand of market.

According to the reports there is surge in demand of cheapest iPhone 11 models and iPhone Pro model. According to sources the volume of iPhone 11 series will be higher as compared to the other models released last year.

The iPhone 11 is coming with much more advanced features as compared to the iPhone XR released last year. Price wise iPhone 11 is also cheap as compared to the iPhone XR release last year. The starting price of iPhone XR was $749, while iPhone 11 starting price is $699. So, it is clear that market is looking for cheap iPhone with better features.

The great features iPhone 11 attracted buyers around the world. This phone comes with improved wide angle and all new ultra-wide lenses. The iPhone 11 also comes with the upgraded chips and processors to give high performance. The new back glass design is also attracting buyers looking for cheap iPhone.

According to the reported while demand is high, suppliers are cautious and they are thinking that this higher level of order may not be for long time.

The iPhone 11 is latest smartphone from Apple with many new advanced and improved features.  The iPhone 11 is coming in six colour variants: Purple, Yellow, Green, Black, White and Product RED. Availability of iPhone 11 in many colours is attracting large number of buyers around the world.

iPhone 11 comes with improved hardware and much more processing power. Its improved wide angle and all new ultra-wide lenses gives a lot of power to this phone. iPhone 11 is perfect phone for taking selfie, photos and videos in all light conditions.

Apple is using A13 Bionic processor in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series which give superior power. This phone is perfect phone for playing games, watching videos and performing daily tasks on the phone.

As there is huge demand of iPhone 11 in the market Apple increased its production to bring over 8 million phones in the market.

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