Super pink moon on 8th April, Biggest of the Year 2020

A full moon when closest to the Earth following the elliptical orbit around the planet is known as the Super Moon. During this time, the Moon appears 14 percent bigger and appears 30 percent brighter than a normal full moon. This super full moon will appear on 8th April 2020, which will be the biggest and brightest during the year 2020.

It is going to be known as Pink Super Full moon even though it will not look pink. It is named after the spring blossom of pink phlox flowers that usually accompanies the April full moon in the US.

During this super full moon, the moon will be at a distance of 3,57,035 km away from Earth compared to the average Earth and moon distance that is 3,84,400 km.

The most apt time to study the moon surface is not at the night of full moon itself as it is brightest at that of time. Instead of a few days before and after the full moon should be picked to study the moon so you can see more details clearly.

The Key time to see the super pink moon is at the moon rise on 8th April and the moon set on the following morning. This is the reason the moon will look big because it will be on the horizon, and our brain compares it with its surroundings. It will show delicate orange and pale yellow hues for a few minute which will add to the beauty of the view you will witness on the super full moon day. Once the moon rises above the horizon, it will be bright white, and it will be hard to look for more than a few seconds directly.

You need to be at a height that is 2nd Floor and above to have a perfect view of the super full moon. The next super moon will be visible on 7th May 2020, which will be the fourth and final super moon for the year 2020.

The super full moon in the past has been named following interesting name Sprouting Grass Moon, Super Worm Moon, Fish Moon, and the Egg Moon.