Samsung is rolling out Galaxy S10’s Android 10 update starting from Germany

Samsung is rolling out Galaxy S10’s Android 10 update rapidly in many countries. Company stated Android 10 update from Germany and now it is available in many countries. Till now company released the updates in Germany, UK, Spain and India. For US users this update is still not available but update is expected in very soon as Android 10 update for Samsung Galaxy S10 is being rolled out rapidly.

The beta program for Galaxy S10’s Android 10 was only available in Germany. Those enrolled for this program may update their phone with small size update. Last week Galaxy S10’s Android 10 update was released for users of S10 in Germany.

As per the company road map, the Galaxy S10’s Android 10 update will be available across the world by mid January 2020. Galaxy S10 users can check their software update section to see the update availability. Once the update is available user will be able to update their phone. It is advisable to update their phone in WiFi as the download size is big. Keep your phone connected with the power charger during update.

As of now company released this update in over 8 different markets including Germany, India, UK and Spain. The update is being rolled out in other parts of the world. Users in different regions will soon get update notification.

According to the SamMobile reports, it is being rolled out in Poland, Ireland, Vietnam, and the UAE. Users in these countries are getting update notification in their phone.

The Samsung’s Android 10 update for the Galaxy S10 brings One UI 2.0 with many features. The import features are gesture navigation, improved dark mode and other improvements.

According to the company roadmap, this update will arrive in United States in January 2020. So, US users will have to wait too long for this update.

The Android 10 is latest Android mobile operating system from Google; this release of Android operating system comes with AI features. The Android 10 mobile operating system brings major features like native dark mode, enhance privacy and location settings. This operating system also provides support for foldable phone and 5G phones.

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