Price of Jio GigaFiber leaked – Jio GigaFiber may come with 50Mbps speed, price to start from Rs. 600

According to the latest leaked information Jio GigaFiber may come with a whooping speed of Mbps and price is expected to start from Rs. 600 per month. The  Jio GigaFiber is expected to give tough competition to the existing vendors in the market.

Each offer from Jio always will be a challenging one for all the competent companies; it provides highest data or talk time than any other data company can offer. Jio’s expected GigaFiber broadband service will raise a big crisis for the all the mobile network companies even it may affect their existence. The sources also said that the prime reasons for this technological endeavor it was released under the public beta mode.

Jio GigaFiber may be used fiber optic network to provide faster and stable speedy data relay. At the same time, as a part of Jio network, it provides the connections in affordable rates, when compares with the other broadband companies. Even though, Jio doesn’t declare its price to purchase the connection, but people are expecting that it may undercut the rates of all competitive broadband providers. It will implement a reasonable pricing strategy that may raise a great challenge for the other existing broadband operators.

Since there is no official source of information regarding the price, but the media depending on leaks; currently leaks are discussing about the pricing of Jio GigaFiber. The sources also say that by slashing the prices of Jio GigaFiber, Jio expected to gain more subscribers especially new customers for their service. The leaks also reported that the base plan may provide 50Mbps speed connection at the worth of Rs 600 per month. The 100Mbps plan will be available for the subscribers at the expected price of Rs 1,000 per month.

However, the price is not yet confirmed by the company, but the launching is expected to happen during the Annual General Meeting of the Reliance’s. The sources also pointed out that the annual meet anticipated to be conducted within few weeks. Sources also reveal that on this meeting Jio may officially announce the price of these products and services with an affordable pricing structure.

Recently, an insider from the industry leaked some crucial of information on one of the subscription plans from the house of Jio. Which is internally known as the`Triple Play Plan,` that expected to cost Rs 600 per month with a data of 100GB per month at the speed rate of 100Mbps. Apart from the attractive broadband data benefits, Jio also expected to offer a complimentary access to Jio- HomeTV with a free landline connection. Leak says “The HomeTV is expected to be Jio’s foray into the DTH operator segment while the landline will enable free voice service. Originally, Jio had only one plan that offered a 100Mbps connection under the Preview offer. Users had to pay Rs 4,500 as security deposit and they could access data for free.”

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