Plummeting Apple iPhone Sales: State of Affair and Key Reasons

Apple after dominating the smartphone market for quite several years, at last, began to experience slumping growth in regard to the sales of their latest range of iPhones. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that the company is undergoing an alarming state of affair with the sales of their iPhone devices. The most alarming thing in this regard is that decreased sales are not just experienced in some particular zones but all over the globe.

Many questions are arising in regard to this plummeted growth of iPhones around the world. First of all, are iPhones becoming qualitatively downgraded in comparison to other flagships? Or, more sophisticated and high-end smartphones are arriving at the market with a clear price advantage over the iPhones? Well, these questions can be approached in numerous ways. Before encountering these questions, let us first assess how much degrowth iPhone sales are experiencing all over the world.

As per the latest figures from the Form 10-Q filled by Apple and submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the decrease in sales continued from the second quarter last year to the first quarter of 2019. This slumping sales figure is experienced across all geographic locations across the globe.

Appleā€™s market is classified into 6 big global segments such as Europe, the Americas, Japan, Greater China, Rest of Asia and Africa. All the latest data confirms that the company is continuously experiencing a down-growth in sales across all these locations.

Now, let us explain the key factors and possible reasons behind this dip in sales. Let us not forget that when in last year the company experienced such downturn in sales mainly weak demand in the China market was attributed as the principal reason. But the downturn of iPhone sales in recent times cannot only be attributed to the Chinese market. All over the globe Apple experienced such degrowth in sales.

Assessing the correct sales figure by the number of iPhone shipped has been a little difficult as Apple stopped sharing the data on this. But as per the assessment of the analysts, we have got a rough estimate that the sales of iPhones have dropped at least by 30% in the last quarter alone. According to the reports furnished by Counterpoint Research, with a shipment of nearly 42 million iPhones from January to March this year, Apple experienced at least a 20% downturn in sales.

Finally, let us conclude with some credible predictions about iPhone sales in the current year. According to IDC, 2019 will not be a great year for Apple as well. As several leading brands are going to launch 5G equipped and foldable smartphones anytime soon, the smartphone market will go through reckless competition in terms of device-centric innovations. The only flickering light at the end of this tunnel can be the company’s recent collaboration with the Qualcomm.

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