Microsoft and Intel together developing Dual-screen Windows 10 PCs – New dual-screen Windows 10 PCs to come in 2020

Microsoft and Intel announced that they are working together for the development of Dual-screen Windows 10 PCs.  According to the sources thin new dual-screen Windows 10 PCs is expected to hit market in mid of 2020. Previously two companies came together for building a 2-in-1 surface called Surface Centaurus. But Centaurus device never hit to the market.

According to the sources Intel & Microsoft might be using Centaurus research as reference for building new dual-screen Windows 10 PCs.  According to Microsoft, company will show Dual-screen Windows 10 PCs in upcoming October 2019 event.

Microsoft is working with Intel for a long time for research and development of a 2-in-one screen device.  Microsoft teased new product multiple times, however no such product is released by them. Earlier they were working on the device called Centaurus, which undergone multiple modification during its development.

Finally we might see a new product dual-screen Windows 10 PCs in coming days. Company is expected to announce more details about this product in October 2019 event.

Details of Dual-Screen Microsoft Windows PCs

This is going to an ambitious project for the Microsoft and Intel. We have little know details of this as of now.

As far as release data and pricing is concern, there no official information available until now. As per the sources its pricing might be above $1000. The all new dual-screen Windows 10 PCs is expected to come in market in mid 2020.

According to Microsoft these new device will come in mid size. Size of the dual-screen Windows PCs is expected to be between the lower-priced Surface Go and the highly-priced Surface Pro.

Microsoft will introduce this device in October 2019 event. As of now there is not official information about the availability date of this PC. Information floating in market suggests that the device will first hit market in mid of 2020.

Microsoft also tried to develop dual-screen computer under a project named “Courier”, which was cancelled. Microsoft also tried to develop dual-screen mobile device under project Andromeda, but this project was also cancelled.

Microsoft stated work on the Centaurus in December 2016. Microsoft tired to build 2-in-one screen for computer several times but project got cancelled each time.

Finally Microsoft and Intel together coming with Dual-screen Windows 10 PCs and it is expected to be announced in October. As per media reports Dual-screen Windows 10 PCs will hit market in mid of 2020.

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