Lenovo foldable ThinkPad X1: World’s first foldable Laptop can bend like Book, from Lenovo unveiled

Lenovo announces Lenovo foldable PC with a foldable 13.3-inch screen running on the Windows operating system. There is no official information about the release date of this PC but as per sources it is expected to be released in 2020.

Lenovo, the great computer hardware company announces its latest remarkable contribution to the technological world that they are going to introduce a dual screen lap top that can easily fold like a book. With this experiment Lenovo will be entitled with a name of the maker of world’s first foldable Windows PC. It is a 13.3-inch unfolded full-fledged tablet running by Windows; it can bend half, also transforms into a mini laptop with an average size of a paperback. Even though, it comes under the brand name of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 genre.

 Specifications of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 genre

The system expected to be with the operating system of Intel processor but, it is not yet officially confirmed. 13.3-inch size gadget will be furnished with a display of OLED along with 2K resolution and LG Display while open it. The second screen size will be 9.6-inch during folding up. The battery of the system not yet specified but even though the speculation says it has a daylong backup battery. The system also well equipped with 2x USB C ports, IR camera, and two Stereo speakers. In addition to all these the equipment also supports with Bluetooth keyboard and Wacom stylus.

ThinkPad X1 branded Lenovo laptop is mostly targeting working professionals and students, this folding version is designed to support their needs. But, the company also envisioned the highly increasing road traffic and the chance of working professionals may stuck on the road for a long time, if they need they can consume ‘on road’ time in a productive manner. But, lenovo always surprises the consumers with its affordable cost, versatile nature along with wide range of specifications, configuration, long durable battery support and a perfect clarity camera.

The interesting facts from some sources are the basic nature of foldable phones or laptops are not much impressed by the business world. Cause it is dubious to predict the withstanding nature of these equipments after day to day unlimited usage. The question is will it surpass the predicted duration without any compliant. We didn’t get any clarification for this type of question from any official source. But, Lenovo’s dream project ThinkPad X1 is still under construction and the company did not release too much details and specifications about their iconic project. Galaxy Fold is not yet considered as a great effort by the consumer world, the thought behind this is these types of equipments can hardly use for the unlimited daily usage. The prestigious laptop expected to be released by the company only on next year, but they released a prototype that can play for few minutes. In fact, this video is the source of the assumption of many things about the under construction project.

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