iPhone 12 and other phones to come with bigger battery in 2020

According to the recent rumours, iPhone 12 is expected to come with bigger battery in 2020. The bigger battery in the iPhone will set a new trend in the smartphone industry. Till now iPhone is using various power saving techniques to increase the battery life of the iPhone. From next year onwards iPhone will come with more battery power.

According to the various rumours, Apple and Samsung will start using smaller battery protection module to make more room for bigger battery. This way companies will be able to increase the battery size without increasing the size of the handset. This innovation is supposedly coming from Korean company ITM Semiconductor. This technology will be used in both iPhone and Samsung mobile phones.

Both Samsung and Apple will start shipping new smartphones with bigger battery. The adoption of new technology for increasing the battery power is expected to become a trend in 2020. Other companies expected to follow the same trend. Due to adoption of this trend, new phones will have more battery power.

The most recent iPhone 11 comes with 8.3mm thick and 3110mAh capacity battery. Apple provided 7.33mm think and 1821mAh battery in iPhone 8. So, we can see that the company is already trying hard to improve battery power in latest iPhone models.

Similarly Samsung is also adding more battery power in the latest smartphone models. Samsung included 3000mAh battery in S9 phone while in the Galaxy S10 battery capacity is upgraded to 3400mAh. The size of battery in Galaxy S10 is thinner as compared to the battery in S9.

Other mobile manufacturers are also following the same trend and they are upgrading their technologies to provide more batter power without increasing the size of the smartphone.

Google is also expected to follow the same trend and correct battery life problem in Pixel 4 phone. Google is expected to provide more battery power in Pixel 4A and Pixel 5.

Other Android mobile phone manufactures such as Oppo, OnePlus and Huawei will also upgrade battery capacity in new models of smartphones.

These days’ people are using mobile phone for heavy work like playing games, watching videos and running business related applications. Such applications require more and more processing power that increases the battery consumption. So, mobile phone manufactures must upgrade their mobile phone model to have more processing power to meet end user expectations.

In coming year we will see smartphones with more battery power. Companies will develop phones with more battery power to meet the power requirement of latest mobile applications.

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