Apple to release Apple TV+ in India on 1 November, service to cost Rs. 99 per month

Apple announced to release its Apple TV+ in India next month on 1 November and this service will cost Rs. 99 per month to users. Apple also released the Apple TV app on the Amazon Fire TV stick and fire TV Stick 4K staring on 24 October. With this the release of Apple TV+ app for the second-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K globally, Apple is expected to grab a large market share in the online entertainment streaming business around the globe.

To continue its global venture into the entertainment streaming industry Apple is all set to release Apple TV+ in India on 1 November at a monthly cost of Rs 99 per month. The new service from Apple will also include Apple TV+ content and the time of launch on 1 November 2019.

In this new service Apple will include the iTunes library and Apple TV+ content and this service will provide unified access of data to the users.

Apple published announcement about the launch of Apple TV+ service at its official blog. Once launched user have to login to their iCloud account and then choose some option to populate the data in their Apple TV app. As of now this service is showing only the user’s own content or the content already purchased or rented. Currently user have to use their any of Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC to access these service and then the content automatically appear on the Apple TV app.

The Apple TV+ app is being rolled out in the selected countries; US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and India. Apple is also releasing Fire TV Basic Edition in more than 50 countries. The Fire TV Basic Edition is release for the Fire TV Cube (1st and 2nd Gen), Fire TV (3rd Gen pendant design), Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and Nebula soundbar. As per Apple this app is not compatible with the first and second-generation of Fire TV. This app will work with the third generation or newer generation of Fire TV Stick.

As per the statement from Apple, the Apple TV+ is being launched in India coming 1 November and company will offer u trail from the launch day. This service will cost Rs. 99 per month in India. This service comes with the automatic renewal option and will be renewed at end of the end of month or after 7 days trial period.

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