An Era-Defining Technology from China: The Arabic-speaking, AI-powered Smart News Anchor

China has been the mover and shaker of new technologies for quite some time. Often it grabs the news headlines by unveiling innovative new technologies in both hardware and software fronts. For some time, the Chinese tech company and the largest search engine in China, Sogou is working on building a smart solution that can replace newsroom anchor with an intelligent digital avatar. Recently, the company has built a smart news anchor that can speak Arabic and literally make intelligent news presentation with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

After completing the project for some time, Sogou is now experiencing international demands for its innovative AI-powered solution. A well-known international media organisation is now adopting the solution for their newsrooms. This has come as a breakthrough development for the entire tech universe and can inspire other companies to work on AI-powered intelligent applications.

Sogou at the initial stage collaborated with the Chinese state news agency Xinhua for developing the AI-powered virtual news anchor for their newsrooms. The collaboration and the long development process, at last, have experienced the taste of success as the solution became well-appreciated by international media.

The new solution for AI-based smart TV anchor has been the subject of attention and interest from a number of reputed news agencies all over the globe. But the state-owned TV broadcaster of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) called Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) finally signed the deal and agreed to take on board the new intelligent news anchor. There is no doubt that the new smart TV anchor will help this media company in broadcasting news more efficiently than ever before just because human errors and deficiencies will be the least minimum. The new solution will not only automate the process of news broadcasting in a whole new way, but it will also help to streamline the newsroom presentation.

The biggest and most vital aspect of this new development of the virtual TV anchor is the qualitative shift of TV broadcasting. Obviously, the virtual TV anchoring will make the process more efficient, professional and thoroughly accountable to the quality standards. According to the Omar Sultan Al Olama, the UAE minister in charge of AI, this new advancement in broadcasting technology besides making media content and presentation richer, will also give a push to a whole new range of innovations for future media companies.

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