A Forensics company claim to break into iPhone or iPad: Issued scary warning for 1.4 billion iOS users

A Forensics Company claimed to enter into any version of iOS and devices. Company posted scary message to over 1.4BN iPhones and iPads worldwide. Due to this Apple cancel its 5.8-inch iPhone.

Apple is anticipated to release iPhone 11 series of phones during an elaborate event which will be expected to be happened on September. On that particular moment the long awaited 11 series of handsets like iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R will be reached into the hands of millions of iPhone users across the world. Even in the midst long awaited anticipation; there is a fun factor in these phones; as the public does not aware about the exact brand name that Apple expected to give. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R are names given by the medias on the basis of leak reports and sources. The sources say that public can aware about the brand names only on the day of release, as Apple kept it as confidential and will declare the names only on the day of release.

Each time, when Apple launched its product, it was accompanied by virtually bug-free iOS, and the latest installment was iOS 13. The company also promised that the new brand phones will give complete satisfaction to the customer as it installed with radical and favorite features along with latest applications as per the increasing demand of the use. The high end technology applied in iphones supports the user requirements in professional and personal approach.

In the midst of huge amount of applause Apple is going to face certain less interested facts in terms of the service of Androids. Sources pointed out that this will be a severe blow to Apple alongside other ios users and manufactures. A recent report from an Israeli company named Cellbrite stated that, it noticed a way to break into any iPhone or iPad, which was installed by any version of iOS, which not excluded Apple’s upcoming release phones.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently informed that there are 1.4 billion active iOS devices expected to affect grave concern for the users who considered Apple’s iPhone as a very secure device to use. The reports make panic in millions of Apple users of iPhones and iPads from across the world, but they are eagerly watching towards the company about their approach for the quick solution in this regard. Even, in the midst of dilemma, Apple users are hopefully looking at the company to rectify the issue on time, but many even think that it may be a fake info.

“Cellbrite can perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device and they have put this service on sale. Cellbrite happens to be the company that the FBI enlisted in 2016 to crack the iPhone 5c that belonged to the San Bernadino killer; which makes the company all the more credible,” an Apple Insider reported.

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