IMD Predicts Chennai Might Get Rain in next 48 hours

Experts are saying that the days have become hotter in the past one week due to the incoming moisture-laden southeasterly winds from the sea. The minimum humidity recorded was seventy-four percent on the morning of Wednesday.

N Puviarasan director of Area Cyclone Warning Centre, IMD, Chennai, explained the maximum humidity was recorded around ninety-six percent during the day. The reason is due to the winds from the sea are traveling towards the land at a speed of 20 to 30 km, bringing the moisture inland. Hence the city is facing the heat for the last few days even though the temperature has remained the same for the last few weeks.

The city also recorded 34 degrees in Nungambakkam and 35.6 degrees in Meenambakkam around -0.1 degree and 0.4 degrees below and above average, with skies mostly cloudy, which also meant above average night-time temperatures. A few days ago, the temperature was 25 degrees, but it has gone nearly three degrees up. In the early Wednesday morning before sunrise, Nungambakkam recorded 28.7 degrees, which was around 2.6 degrees above normal, and Meenambakkam registered 27.5 degrees, which was around 1.8 degrees above normal.

IMD has forecasted that the sky condition is likely to be generally cloudy with the maximum and minimum temperature to be in the range of 35 degrees to 28 degrees in the city for the next 48 hours.

However, the present condition may not last long as the experts have forecasted light rain in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, for the next two days. IMD has also forecasted thunderstorm in the next two days in the interior region of Tamil Nadu.

Even Weather Blogger Pradeep John has stated that it will be a hit or miss for the coastal areas, including Chennai, as the weather is converging in the interior region of Tamil Nadu, and that might bring rainfall in those areas.