Chattisgarh: Family did to disabled on the pretext of coronavirus is heartbreaking

Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing in India and the entire World; although, medical staff and researcher have left their rest bed in search of its vaccine. Amidst the fight against the Corona virus, very unethical news has come in the wake of light from Chhattisgarh State, on Thursday.

May this case can’t let you empty from tears and pain; such a horrific and terrible incident happened with a disabled person. A disabled man was unable to hear and speak is left alone by his family on the pretext of Coronavirus.

Dive deep, the matter in the horrific case took place at Chattisgarh.

Superficially incident stated from March 29, 3 backs from today – they didn’t back to the hospital for taking care of him.

On March 29, a family member of the disabled person took him to Raipur AIMS, to get him to check for a health crisis and to get admitted to him. The family also insisted to the All India Institute of Medical Science’s doctors to diagnose COVID-19 infection of the patient, as the disabled man was looked unhealthy and very week physically. The doctor agreed to test him for COVID-19, and started the process as per the family’s request and learned that the family has been seeing several symptoms of COVID-19 in the patient. In such a situation, the medical authority also had to test. Because there are instructions from the government that anyone who is suspected of having coronavirus has to be tested.

The disabled person is living the in state of Pre-Mature, 49 at age, and the man looked very weak, AIIMS Raipur kept him in isolation and tested the coronavirus. The day the test was done, the result came the same day, and yet the result didn’t disclose into Positive or Negative. His family has disappeared from the hospital campus on the same day. They didn’t contact to hospital staff on a call or to tell something to happen, bad with them.

Details given by the family in the hospital have turned out to be fake such as residential address and Phone number. The phone number they mentioned is also not in the service. Even in this state of Pandemic COVID-19, the medical staff of Raipur AIIMS is taking care of that person. The hospital administration is trying to reach his family with the help of the police.