People In Bengaluru Get Entertained By Live Streaming Done By DJs On Instagram

On Social media, several national and international DJs have joined forces to play groovy music for the large audience during the lockdown.

Many of them have created a page on Instagram myhousetourhouse where they would live stream the music from Monday to Friday at 7 pm every evening.  DJ Ivan has also said that it is very great as a whole for the community is coming together during this crisis. When they perform in a club, they are not able to interact with their audience, but they can do that in social media in a way they can get to know their audience.

All their sessions are ended by DJs with social messaging, which includes people urging people to follow social distancing norms and wash their hands. Many of the DJs are also performing on Facebook.

Nisha Millet Olympian swimmer has stated that she has listened to the DJ Ivan music session and thinks it was an absolute mood lifter. Considering that everything has moved online, this is one of the best things that has happened due to the lockdown, as she is not the person who likes going to clubbing.

Another working professional in Bengaluru Sharmistha Das who often tunes in to DJ Rohit live streaming session on the Instagram said that she has been visiting the DJ Rohit’s parties earlier and she is happy that she is able to listen him play even at home even though it is not same as going to club and dancing.

A lot of people asked DJ Rohit to go live, and he thought, why not. He said that people come to the clubs where they play and support them, so they should also do something for the community during these difficult times.

He also stated that since he didn’t have his deck at home, so he had to get it transported from the club to his house during the lockdown. By just replying to people’s greeting along with their name steaming live or giving birthday shout outs make his audience happy, and he is glad he can help the people in some way.