Lockdown: Teen Smuggles Friend Into His House In A Suitcase In Mangaluru

A 17-year old boy due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown in force and his apartment complex not allowing the entry of outsiders tried to smuggle his male friend through a sizable suitcase in the early hours of Sunday in Mangaluru.

As per the statement issued by the Police, the PU student wanted to catch up with his classmate, and his repeated request to the apartment association to allow his friend into the building was turned down. However, the association representative denied they had received any such request from the boy.

Sources have stated that the boy went out of the building on his scooter with a huge bag around 2 am on Sunday morning. He lifted up his friend, who lives in the neighboring brought him back into the apartment complex. The scooter was parked outside the building by the boy and dragged the suitcase into the complex making his friend sit inside the bag.

The Security guards told the Police that they notice something unusual – as the boy was hauling a suitcase in the dead of night after minutes going out on a scooter. They alerted the members of the apartment association after the daybreak. At around 8:30 am, the boy and his friend stepped out for a stroll in the common area; they were spotted by the guards who, in turn, informed the association president.

On being questioned, the boy admitted to smuggling the boy around 2 am to 3 am. This was verified by CCTV footage that was examined by the association members later in the day.

The building owner association approached the Police and registered a complaint. When the parents of the boy were called by the Police to the station, they were shocked to learn about the incident.

A statement was issued by the city police commissioner that a case has been registered at the Mangaluru East Police station, and both the boys will be produced before the Juvenile Justice Board. Sources also reported that the boys were alone in the house on a Saturday night.