Food additives Cause Cancer and other deadly diseases

A study conducted in Unities States reports that food addiction is responsible for cancer and other deadly diseases.

A shocking study conducted in the United States mentioned that certain nano particles contained in regular food additive may affect gut microbiota in human bodies. The study conducted in various types of packet foods available in across the country. The report says that the result of over consumption of food additive E171 (titanium dioxide nanoparticles), presented in the packet food can cause various health issues. The bakers and food producers are widely used this substance as a coloring agent which gives white color for all persevered food items. This whitening substance has been largely not only used by the food makers but also by the pharmaceutical companies and biomedical companies to give white color to their products.

The wightening agent in food E171, found in more than 900 food items including chewing gum and mayonnaise, which have been widely consumed day to day by a mass population.

According to a report published in ‘Frontiers in Nutrition,’ state that the study conducted in mice proves that the large quantity intake of E171 by the mass population can be the reasons to devolop gut microbiota. This bacterial infection can affect inflammatory condition in bowel and increase the chance of colorectal cancer. “The aim of this research is to stimulate discussions on new standards and regulations to ensure the safe use of nanoparticles in Australia and globally,” co-lead author Wojciech Chrzanowski said.

Research result on the use of titanium dioxide stated that, “it is well established that dietary composition has an impact on physiology and health, yet the role of food additives is poorly understood,”  “There is increasing evidence that continuous exposure to nanoparticles has an impact on gut microbiota composition, and since gut microbiota is a gatekeeper of our health, any changes to its function have an influence on overall health,” Chrzanowski said.

List of illness caused by the usage of E171 is eczema, autism, cancer metastasis, and asthma. He also added that the impact of excess usage of E171 can increase the toxicity in the body and need to minimize the usage for the self protection.

Complete ignorance about the cause of the disease and the side effects of Titanium dioxide consumption are the factors leading to the intensity of illness. The late symptoms of E171 disease and late diagnosis also lead to the worsening of the illness, which cause to the delay of proper treatment. Another striking factor is E171 is allowed by the government itself in a certain level. Firstly, the government itself need to ban the food items contained E171, that will be a great solution for this issue. Methods to prevent food addictive is boycott the food by each individual, which could be a thought provoking element for the food manufactures and they may take serious action against E171 diseases.

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