Chinese scientists develops a new cancer tumour-killing therapy that works specifically on the cancer tumour sites

According to the study published in the journal Science Immunology, Chinese scientists successfully develops a new treatment for cancer which works on the specific cancer tumour sites. This tumour-specific-cancer therapy is effective in suppressing the tumour growth and metastasis to the lung and lymph nodes.

This new cancer tumour-killing therapy is activated specifically at the tumour site in mouse model of cancer. According to the reports this new therapy is said to be more effective than previous available therapies.

According to the research this new system is effective and it prevents the immune system to become tolerant of tumours.  According to the cancer statistics immune system becomes tolerant to the cancer tumours in 30 percent cancer cases.

Research and development of this new cancer therapy was done at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fudan University. Research and development team was led by Wang Dangge. Team developed a common immune checkpoint inhibitor in a nanoparticle formulation which is highly tumour-specific and works on the specific cancer tumour sites.

The checkpoint inhibitor is a new kind of medicine for the treatment of cancer which works as anti-tumour medicine. The checkpoint inhibitor is used to treat deep-seated or metastatic tumours.

Research conducted by Wang’s team showed that the photosensitiser can produce tumour-killing reactive oxygen species once it interacts with the protein abundant in tumours. Further reports stated that the team was able to combine the nanoparticles carrying PD-L1-targeting antibodies with a light-activated molecule.

According to the research combined nanoparticles successfully suppressed the growth and metastasis of lung and lymph nodes which resulted in approximately 80 percent mouse survival over 70 days as compared to the group treated only with PD-L1 antibodies.

These days medical system is looking for promising treatment for various types of cancer. The newly developed tumour-killing therapy developed by Chinese researchers may help in better treatments of cancer.

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