A privilege that can only Indian get during Coronavirus attack

Indian’s immune response genes may also play a crucial role in the Indian population to roll out with COVID-19 major invasion. These genes are collectively called human leukocyte antigen systems or HLA genes. Their work is to bring the invading foreign antigens to the immune system. T-cells fighting like soldiers can do their work only when the HLA genes are systematically exposed to microbes in front of them. In other words, before T-cells attack these microbes, it is necessary to attach them to a compound made of HLA genes. If no such compounds are formed in the body, then T-cells become ineffective.

World Health Organization’s detail and World COVID meter demonstrating different death rates for the parts of the World. It is also a fact that the COVID-19 infection attack depends on age, other criteria. 0.2 % to 15% death rate has been measured through the Pandemic COVID-19 attack. Incidentally, with no latency, 2516 cases of COVID-19 have been reported and 69 deaths have occurred in India very soon. Experts state that there are many positive signs from the data so far found in the country; although, it is too early to reach any conclusion.

Utmost of India’s population is already in contact with various bacteria, parasites, and viruses. With this, T-cells have been formed in the human body. These T-cells may also be able to fight foreign viruses. For example, diseases such as TB, HIV, and malaria have set foot in many countries including India, Africa, while their outbreaks have been less in Europe and North American countries. 

In the conversation about COVID-19, there is a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. This drug has already been used extensively at the community level in India. This factor can be helpful in the prevention of coronavirus in India.

Many medical experts also state that the custom food habits of Indians can also important role in fighting with the virus. Indian spices like ginger, garlic, and turmeric have strong immunity in all books of Ayurveda and medicine. However, apart from all these things, the challenges are also not less. India’s large population, the low test of coronavirus and people suffering from various diseases including diabetes can increase the risk of coronavirus.