Amitabh Bachchan hit back trollers after thrice trolled in just 10 days

Social media became a sufficient tool to describe Pandemic COVID-19, as it’s worth in today’s era and more than anything people use to utilize it in their very own ways. Famous Indian Actor Senior Bachchan also an active contributor to social media and his presence influence a lot on these platforms. Generally, Amitabh Bachchan uses it to narrate his life-going, stories, and other shorts.

But for a few days, Sr. Bachchan has been under the constant target of trolls. Because of his few tweets on his twitter handling. Today, he hit back all trollers with a nice message.

Their job is to speak, to do ours. If he could, he would not have time to speak. This is why they speak because by doing nothing they get time to speak. This nature is not bad; I praise him. If they don’t speak, then how do we know that we are doing something, originally in Hindi.

So, why Senior Bacchan wrote this on tweeter, let’s know.

Amitabh has been trolled thrice in the last 10 days. The tweet had to be deleted, on 22 March there was a public curfew. Prime Minister Modi said that there are few people in this terrific phase of coronavirus infection doing their jobs and discharging their duties. Such as doctors, nurses, police, journalists, people who deliver goods to the house, cleaner, etc. So on this day at five in the evening, clap from the balcony of the house, play the plate as much as possible. Express their gratitude to them. But some people have raised the theory that evil shadows run away from the sound of bells. Some clapped, played the plate and connected it to Amavas, which also included Amitabh Bachchan.

He tweeted,

“Amavasya”, darkest day of the month; virus, bacteria evil force at max potential & power!

Clapping Sankh vibrations reduce/destroy virus potency.

Moon Passing to new ‘nakshatra’ Revati. Cumulative vibration better blood circulation”

After this tweet, users trolled Amitabh. Varun Grover, the writer of Sacred Games, also wrote that one should use his mind even before making such tweets. Many more people told this information as fake news. After this, Amitabh deleted his tweet.