“FreshToHome” to invest Rs.10 Cr for expansion in Telugu States

Online eCommerce store FreshToHome (FTH) which sells meat and fish directly sourced from livestock farmers and fishermen, plans to expand its services to more cities in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. For this, FTH has invested nearly Rs 10 crore for building infrastructure and processing units.

At present, FTH getting orders of around 15 lakh per month from ten cities in Telugu States from 50 locations out of which Telangana accounts for 2.5 lakh orders a month Shahnawaz Kadavil who is Cofounder of Freshtohome.com said.

He also Said, “Telangana offers us fastpaced growth and new customer acquisition. We will deploy funds accordingly”.

“We found that consumption of non-vegetarian food here is perhaps the highest in the country and perhaps even higher than countries like Australia,” he said, adding that the average order size is 2.5 to 3 kg.

Besides its presence in UAE, Freshtohome has its largest processing unit in Hyderabad and it is thinking to increase sourcing mutton, chicken, and fish from Telangana. Hyderabad, unlike other cities, has a large palate for non-vegetarian food.

“In the wet markets, small fish are difficult to clean. Our focus is on cleaning and hygiene. We clean them to the level that they can be taken from the pack directly to the pan. We do about 120 checks including microbial checks, antibiotic contamination, and more. Most of our products are residue free. There is no use of preservatives.” he added.